Brooklyn Indie Band

This album has been a long time coming. I wanted to record and produce everything myself in an attempt to get the songs down exactly as I heard them in my head. Recording from home gave me the freedom to try things and experiment in a way that my wallet would never allow in a real studio.

I'd like to thank Alfred Howard for pushing me to put this out and for being such a good friend and writing partner. Thanks also to Jake Najor for coming in on short notice and recording drums on half of the album in one afternoon. Thanks to Jordan Andreen for taking my home recordings and making them sound like a real album. Thank you to my incredible wife and family for all of your encouragement. Last but not least, thank you for stopping by, reading this and listening.
- Erik

CD Art

The Narrows

The debut album by Erik Canzona.
Featuring Alfred Howard and Jake Najor



I've been singing and playing with the San Diego band, The Heavy Guilt, for the past five years. It was my first taste of performing live and I've been hooked ever since. Al Howard and I share a house where the band rehearses. We started writing songs together a couple of years ago whenever there was downtime. He is a great writing partner and our skills seem to compliment each other nicely. I write the music, he writes the lyrics. The Heavy Guilt has always been independent and put out our own records and I wanted to take that control one step further and do all of the recording myself. The goal was to take out the constraints of a studio and have the freedom to record at home whenever and however long I liked. Bought a couple of mics and some recording equipment and The Narrows is the result.

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